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‘Frank Edoho Was Impatient And Immature’ – Ex-Wife Katherine Opens Up On Crashed Marriage

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‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ host Frank Edoho is still legally married to estranged wife, Katherine, who told NET last week that the pair should never have become husband and wife. Katherine Obiang, who has three kids for the TV host spoke  in a compelling interview how the 7-year old marriage should never have been and how the couple should have rather stayed friends.
Let us into your background.
I’m Cameroonian. My dad is from Cameroun, my mom is from the Efik tribe in Nigeria, but somehow, we have been living there and here. My mom was a Head of Department in a tertiary institution, it was natural that we lived in Nigeria. I have no sister but brothers as siblings and even my aunt had only boys as kids, so I grew up among boys. I had different influences. We travelled a lot and to an extent, the experience helped shape who I am and how I see things. It was generally an OK childhood. Continue...

How are your kids?
They are great.
And how are they taking the whole divorce issue?
We are not really divorced. It’s still a work-in-progress kind of thing but we are taking it well. When its time for him to see the children, he does and when its time to return them, he does. On my part, I have carried the children along and make them understand they are not stained because of it. I wouldn’t want them to develop a complex because of it. We didn’t design for these things to happen but they do. Its like people who have lost their parents, they didn’t plan for it but they have to move on. I watch them and I think they are doing pretty okay especially because we talk about it every time there is a reason to.
You mentioned that you aren’t really divorced. Does that suggest possibility of reconciliation?
No, it doesn’t. We just started the process but there isn’t any hope for reconciliation. We know we would always be in each other’s lives because of the children, so we have to be civil. When the children are getting married for example, we have to hide our differences and make it work.
What if he (Frank) came back, would you consider it?
No. Three years have gone by. It will be a whole entire process of knowing somebody all over again and I don’t have the energy to do that. We’ve let it burn and I don’t think he will do that.
Do you sometimes miss him?
He had such a great sense of humor. I don’t know if he still does. His sense of music too, being a radio presenter, and we used to exchange thoughts on things regarding that, but otherwise, I don’t miss him in that nostalgic way of…It’s a part of my life I have come to terms with. I am a solution oriented person. He was part of my life for more than 10 years (dated for four years and got married for 7 years).
Looking back at everything, do you wish you never got separated?
No, I think Frank and I should not have gotten married in the first place. We should just have been friends because he was an awesome friend. While I was dating someone else and he had to go back to his country, he (Frank) was there all through and I had known him all the while he was in the University of Calabar and we started our career together. I think we shouldn’t have pushed it to marriage and just stayed as friends.
Any regrets about that?
No. I have three lovely kids to show for it and of course, every thing happens for a reason and a purpose. They can only make us better or stronger people and it has done so for me. I have grown from what went wrong.

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