Thursday, 28 November 2013

Horrific Video : Governor Adams Oshiomole Tells A Poor Widow Trying To Feed Her Children To "Go And Die"

I can't fathom why the Governor of Edo State,Comrade Adams Oshiomhole will treat this widow like this and even tell her to 'go and die' when she's struggling to provide food for her family. I think it would've been far better to make her pay a fine for her wrongdoing than this humiliation.

One can try to excuse the act of the governor for some gimmicks like 'sacrifices for the greater good of the community' but, the approach and the choice of words by the governor is nothing short of wickedness, callousness, insensitivity and thoughtlessness to say the least. He should be ashamed of himself for uttering such words. He is not expected to say such things to anybody, let alone a widow
And to say he was a former NLC chairman who claimed he was fighting for the masses beats me. Words fail me.

Watch the video below...


    FIRST STONE. I am not holding brief for Oshiomole. Sometimes
    we however behave as if our men in power are
    superhuman and should NEVER make a mistake.
    He must have been frustrated; seeing how all
    entreties to this people fell on deaf ears. I believe
    by tomorrow he will restitute. At least if one person serves as a scapegoat, the menace of
    street trading would stop. How are we sure the
    woman is not making up the "widowhood" status
    to save her wares? Is widowhood a sufficient
    reason to violate the law? I mean let us be a bit
    reasonable. Adams please seek her out, apologize and make amend.

  2. Listen very well, she was waiting to board vehicle not that she was halwking. All her goods were in Cattons.

  3. Dat was cruel of d governor. D lady's plea brought tears 2 my eyes. From grass -grace-glory.


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