Sunday, 16 March 2014

Actress Biola Ige Denies Doing Half-Porn Movie with Muna Obiekwe

Recently, a nude photo of actress Biola Ige and Muna Obiekwe leaked online. After the photo went viral, actor Muna who is very much known for acting such movies has remained silence since, but actress Biola has granted an interview where she denied being involved in any x-rated movie with Muna.

See part of the interview below:

“That picture is not part of the production I was involved in, with Muna, and if people want to confirm, they should   go and watch the movie. The name of the movie is ‘Pregnant Hawkers’.

“That movie came out two years ago, and, at that time, I was still battling with the thyroid I had .There was a defect in my eyes too.One of my eyes was bigger than the other .I will just like people to go and watch the movie and let me know their opinions and  what they think of the movie.

How did that picture come about?

“All I   know is that there was nothing like that, nobody in his right senses will do that in front of the cameras .I just want people to go and watch the movie ‘Pregnant Hawkers’ and   if they see something like that  in the movie, then, they can judge me and label me anything they wish.

Is it a photoshop?

“Yes, that is what I think it is, because   what I know is that, I shot that movie two years ago, and I and Muna didn’t do anything like that. It must have been photoshopped.”

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