Friday, 28 March 2014

So After All Karen Igho's Shakara And Living 'Large' She Collected Student Loan To Finance Her Study In The UK

Ahhhh Naija celeb and forming! So after flaunting her expensive life style, Karen came to the UK to drag student loan with me? Haba! Remember she announced last year that she is now British, now Karen is milking the system by applying for student loan to enable sher get a decent qualification. 

She announced this today on twitter saying "@Karen_Igho: karenified Peeps sorry you haven't heard much from far London is treating me great, just busy with university its never too late." Congratulations oh Karen, good decision.


  1. You are just one big fool and dumb blogger Lawrencia ! What part of her statement indicated "student loan" which even if she took is non of ur concern. Unless off course u just want us to know u in d Uk

  2. She's a silly bitch, always using the dumbest captions.....dats why ur blog aint getting any popular cos ur full of crap.


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