Sunday, 30 March 2014

Tchidi Chikere Tweets After His Marriage To Nuella Njubigbo - "Glad I'm Now Married" Confirming He Never Married Sophia Chikere

Tchidi Chikere has responded to people that are criticizing him for marrying Nuella Njubigbo before divorcing Sophia Chikere. If you Recall, Tchidi in the statement where he announced his separation from Sophia Chikere few years ago, stated categorically that he never married Sophia. He today took to twitter to remind everyone that Nuella Njubigbo-Chikere is his only wife. He stated: "Glad for the family I cm frm n hw I was raised. I won't respond to TOUTS who judge issues they know NOTHING about. Glad I m nw MARRIED."

Ladies take note, having a man's child and taking his name without marriage is no longer a garantee that he will stay. He should put a ring on it, marry you traditionally, followed by the court and then church wedding. Be wise oh.

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