Thursday, 7 August 2014

Brazil's Finest Bum On Display As 27 Women Compete In Annual Miss Bum Bum Contest, Who Has The Best Assets?

Posing: Rebeka Francis of Rondonia is among the 27 women battling it out for the title of Miss Bum Bum Brazil
27 Brazilian women in tiny red bikinis and gold bangles pose for the camera to contest for Miss Bum Bum Brazil 2014. The competition is offering a $22,000 prize and the chance of worldwide fame, seeking to find Brazil's finest example of the female bottom. 

The second stage will see a winner chosen by a jury in a ceremony in November. Which of these women do you think should take home the title? See more photos inside...

Ms Martins raises her eyebrow as she poses with her Amazonas sash (left) and pouts at the camera (right)
Bottoms up: It seeks to find the finest example of the female bottom. Above, Bruna Valentim of Rio de Janeiro
Ms Costa gazes at the camera in her Espirito Santo sash (left) as her blonde hair tumbles down her back (right)
Another hopeful: During the online vote, 15 finalists will be selected. Above, Vivian Cristinelli of Minas Gerais
Battle: The second stage will see a winner chosen by a jury in November. Above, Graziellla Fornazieri of Acre
Ms Fornazieri dons a stern expression as she puts her hands on her hips (left) and shows off her bottom (right)
Ms Sanches beams as she wears her Maranhao sash (left) before pulling a more seductive face (right)
Ms Gisa is pictured with her sash (left) and resting her hand on her chin as she shows off her derriere (right)
Seductive: Ana Paula Souza of Distrito Federal is among those battling it out for the title of Miss Bum Bum Brazil
Ms Alende gazes seductively at the camera as she poses ahead of the Miss Bum Bum Brazil competition
Showing off her asset: Yara Muccillo of Bahia lifts herself up on her arms ahead of Miss Bum Bum Brazil 2014
Contest: Vanusa Hoppe of Mato Grosso is also competing in the fourth year of the popular Brazilian competition
Oldest candidate: At the age of 39, Patricia Oiveira of Mato Grosso is the oldest ever contestant for the title
Dressed up: Lais Fernandes of Roraima wears pink lipstick, hoop earrings and a ring as she strikes a pose
In good spirits: Nathalia Matos of Rio Grande do Norte beams for the camera as she lifts her bottom up
Ms Araujo wears her brown and blonde hair in tumbling waves as she poses for the annual competition
Brunette: Thaynara Ferriera of Paraiba poses on her front with one particular asset aimed toward the camera
Ms Gaglianoni wears her long blonde hair straight for the photoshoot, in which she also donned a red bikini
Ms Carvalho opts for the most photogenic positions as she dons her sash (left) and shows off her asset (right)
Ms Souz pouts at the camera and shows off a number of tattoos during her shoot for the popular competition
Belief: Ana Flavia Magalhaes of Goias believes she could be Brazil's finest example of the female bottom

Ms Dullius sports bright pink lipstick, white nail varnish and wavy long blonde hair for her photoshoot

Michelle Docio of Tocantins sports a tattoo and three wooden bangles in her photograph
Ms Veloso Pernambuco holds her hands in the air and dons a gold bangle as she poses for the competition
Renata Alves of Ceara is seen sporting a more colourful bikini as she grins for the camera

Ms Bittencortt is pictured posing in her sash (left) and bikini (right) ahead of the Miss Bum Bum Brazil contest

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