Monday, 11 August 2014

Happy Birthday To Blog Reader Igwe Gifted Hands, CEO Gifted Hands-Impex Nigeria LTD

Ogaranya amaka! This is wishing Gifted Hands a very happy birthday from and all the staff at Gifted Hands-Impex Nigeria Limited. Stay blessed, keep popping the champagne. See more photos inside...


  1. Its 'Staff' dear. i like your courage keep it up

  2. Lawrrey sweety, just to let you know, "staff"remains "staff" even in plural form. no be our language so we fit dey talk am as we want. you are so sweet. keep up the good work. by the way, why dont you upload comments? I visit this blog everyday, it makes it less interesting when I dont find people's opinions in the comment line. please allow people to comment. it will make the blog more popular. thats just my opinion

  3. Awwwww thanks dearies! its was over excitement. @chinwe how do i get in though with you?
    @Shedrack Ezu thanks dear, noted.


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