Thursday, 4 December 2014

Maheeda Shares More Nude Photos, Says She Flaunts Her Naked Body Because She Want Bloggers To Make Her Famous

Naija baddest girls Maheeda shares more nude photos and have some words for her haters. LOL. Read below...
Go back to school and leave stupidity for us! Life is a choice and as you choose life, you will still make more choices, if you choose to give a fuck, or some fucks, pls give a great fuck!  It's funny when you get people to do exactly what you want them to do, and they think they are smarter than you! Well at least they are enough to respond, I will be watching....1 I wanted you to look at my nudes. 

2 I wanted you to talk about them good or bad..3 I wanted you to tell your generation about me .... 4 I wanted to turn you or your man on..... 5 I wanted you to make me famous....6 I wanted you to stop talking about yourself but me....7) I wanted you to blog about me and push up my movement Of being not only a naija bad girl but all over the world bad girl, thanks to internet...... And so on So far, you are doing a great job! Thank you! 
jnr4 @mr_ogbeni chill out man... y r u soo pained. .. if everyone were to be acting all sainty, how would the world be interesting? Things pple like u do in ur closet are more terrible than wat this girl is doing. Ok she has posted nd u have seen and u have verbally abused her, wat next? Wanna see how ur comments will influence a change

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