Thursday, 18 June 2015

Ruby Rose is Pictured Completely NUDE in a Shower Scene From Orange Is The New Black Season 3 Has Got Twitter Buzzing

Social media exploded after season three of Orange Is The New Black was uploaded to Netflix. The topic of discussion is how sexy Australian actress Ruby Rose is. Am as straight as you can get, but damn! she can turn a gay dude straight and a straight girl gay or curious! Lol, not that I am oh.

Ruby Rose's naked shower scene in season three of Orange Is The New Black has caused a buzz on Twitter, as stills from episode nine of the hit Netflix show hit the internet. 

The 29-year-old shows off her bare breasts ,toned stomach and a very bare bottom as she casually combs her hair over the sink and in front of the mirror as her love interest Taylor and spectators are left flabbergasted over her naked body, leaving everyone in awe.

Orange Is The New Black is littered with raunchy sex and excessive nudity episode after episode. Watch the new series and thank me later.

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