Friday, 25 September 2015

Jim Iyke Shares Photo of his Son 'Harvis Dubem Iyke' Writes Heart Warming Letter to Him on How to Be Tough

Son, In the event Google fails there's that personification of patience, wisdom, and sardonic humor named Stephen, your Granddad. You would have loved Grandma ,Gladys, till your mom and I grow jealous. Nonetheless I can't wait to regal you with stories of not how she passed but how she lived. 
She was/is a living breathing conduit of love. She was a live wire of emotions. I miss her every second son. She was the greatest woman alive. Truly one of God's masterpieces. God heard her repeated prayers and sent you to me. I know she's smiling now. Thank you mom. I know you had a hand in this divinely somehow. Don't worry anymore my love, your Ikechukwu is fine now. 

The accolades, the milestones, the victories and blessings, the dysfunctional relationships of late( especially those lol) all pale in comparison to you Dubem. You are the reason I have waited this long. This is the juncture that God created for you and I. The timing couldn't have been better. The blessing couldn't have been more wholesome, profound. The 'Omugo' Gladys would have lovingly taken charge of wasn't possible for obvious reasons. 

So we adapted. We persevered. We prayed hard and I can happily say the resources of the mind is limitlessly for those who put their mind to it. As for the other side, I honestly wish I find their affairs as remotely interesting as they find mine. Since Harvis birth I've grown even more impervious to the drama. All the bigoted remarks means zilch to me. They're like voices at sea; inscrutable, indecipherable, Unfathomable. 

It's a skill I've honed to its finest. A skill I intend to teach you to the hilt. I'm a proponent of positive vibes. Positive people.

You're my rubicon Dubem. The one that awaited at my curve. God's gift this month; my birthday to prove to me beyond every shadow of doubt of his existence. His dominion. His finality. 

I've being reborn through your birth, my beautiful boy. I embarrass myself in the most random of places when I tear up at the sight of a father and a young son doing the most random of chores. So alien! Lol 

Fatherhood is the most elite of clubs and I am its proudest member. Thank you, my beautiful boy, for inspiring me to write the longest post of my IG No occasion can replicate this event so I crave your indulgence everyone. 

Hey world! May I have the greatest honour of introducing my King, My Boss, My Baby Brother, My best Friend, My Son, My EVERYTHING! HARVIS CHIDUBEM IYKE.

My life long gratitude and love to my true sisters Dr Chi and Dr Nkechi for all your dedication and commitment. You guys are impossibly kind and generous. 

Dr Crawford you are on top of your game. There's no finer obstetrician in the land hands down. 
To Fab, Akhila, T. Azubike, Nurse Minestine at Grady Hospital again words fail me. Only God can repay you for all your kindness. Thank u. Thank u. Thank u. 

To my amazing fans; they say it takes a village to raise a child. You've been a fortitude of blessing in my life. I only ask that you extend even trice the courtesy to my Harvis. God bless u all. 

Well I have the greatest birthday present. What more can I say, Happy one year younger Jim, my boy! This year is the year of legacies. It's my best birthday ever. God always always most certainly WINS!!

PHOTOCRED; the other half of Harvis DNA while we slept, talked or walked. It's been a friggin documentary. I've not missed a blink. It's been one helleva journey thus far. We still keep our 90% come what may. Welcome to my world boy! Welcome to IG! 😃 #GladysBoiz #HarvisPaPa #EarthStrongChronicles

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