Sunday, 27 September 2015

Photos of Facebook Love Scammer, Frank Chukwuma Wanted By Several Girls For Fraud, Do You Know Him?

Frank Chukwuma is reportedly a  fraudster based in South Africa that specialise in defrauding several Nigerian girls of their hard earned money.

Frank picks his victims carefully, send them friend request and starts a relationship with them. One of his recent victim Miss Ella, narrated her encounter with Mr Chukwuma saying:
He will make u fall in love with him...den he claim he lives in south Africa...making u believe dat he had sent stuffs from d south Africa and making u pay an amount of money.....which i payed and he stopped calling... 

I paid  20,000k into one Ulikwe Nkechi at access bank. He claimed he sent me stuffs like fone, bags,etc last week monday and on thursday i got an sms from dis number 08064622441 saying dat i should come pick it up at lekki and wen i told d person i live in Abia state..he asked for money if i want it to be delivered to me. 
Nd till now my dear sis....I have seen nothing... d annoying part is dat i even got my mum involved i borrowed money from her. 
So please i want u to post his pics talking of his 419 and request dat d real owner surface to clear his name before d fool dat is using his pic on Facebook kills is identity. 
+27 78 556 7100, Dat is d fools number

Please if you know Frank Chukwuma and can help Miss Ella recover her money please send an to

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