Tuesday, 24 November 2015

'There Are Levels' - MI Abaga Dines with Kaduna State Governor Mallam El Rufai and Top Dignitaries

MI Abaga aka Mr Incredible who is currently in Kaduna shared this photo on his Instagram page of himself dining with Kaduna State Governor, Mallam El Rufai with the caption:
Spent some time with a great Nigerian today. A leader who has not only shown proven integrity and determination in the past, but even now is setting up one of the youngest and most vibrant governments in our country in Kaduna state. I am convinced that the people of Kaduna have chosen right!!!! And that indeed change has come to this great state!!!! Big shout out to Mallam @elrufai @govkaduna .. Big things are coming up. #Believe #Change. #Levels #ThereAreLevels #ISayThereAreLevels #didYouhearme #LevelsLevelsLevels

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