Tuesday, 29 December 2015

2016 New Year Message, Cut Off All 'Zero' People in Your Life - Adejoro Olumofin

Social and Learning Psychology asserts that your Environment and Reinforcements ( Both Positive & Negative Reinforcements) around you shapen your life, relationships and success i.e your immediate surrounding, the friends and associates you keep act as a wheel or compass in your life. 

You can be the prettiest, smartest, most athletic person but if you have negative or maladaptive person around you all your efforts will be ZERO. It's simple logic ( 20000000 x 0 = 0) This being said, who is a "Zero" person? A "zero" person is anyone who :

1⃣: Is Constantly in competition with you or dragging you into an unhealthy competition that will divert you from your goals and dreams.

2⃣: Anyone who never appreciates anything you do for them yet keeps coming back for more 

3⃣ : Any "ex" guy or girl who keeps standing in your way and preaching false love 

4⃣: Long courtship relationships (3/4years) that are wasting your time and beauty 

5⃣: Anyone who is never happy for you or about your progress and you're even scared to share your good news with them 

6⃣: Anyone who is always the first to spread false news about you 

7⃣: Anyone who doesn't share your enthusiasm or hunger for success, puts down your dreams or plans.

8⃣: Any friend who doesn't want you to be in a Relationship just because she's single.

Reassess your relationships. The people you keep around you, share your life's secrets and plans with may determine your Mental Orientation and Cognition. We all know what is best for us and the things we want to attain in life but sometimes we let emotions and sentiments get the best of us, we also put other peoples needs ahead of ours or we carry people along for years who we know don't have our best interest at heart, we keep on giving people 3rd, 4th and 5th chances to put a dent in our path to Self Actualization. 

Please choose your Friends, Business Partners, and Lovers wisely. Your enemies don't have access or proximity to you but your friends do. May we not have "Zero" people in our lives in 2016. -You can't change people's personality but you can change how you relate to them-

#DoktorMofin #HappyNewYear

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