Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Aero Ladder Saga: Airline Blames Bauchi Airport Manager For Failing to Provide Stairs Needed to Disembark Passengers

Acting  Managing Director Aero Contractors Airline, Captain Russell Lee Foon has said that the airline was forced to use a ladder to disembark its passengers on flight 5N-BLG,  a Boeing 737-500 from Abuja to Bauchi  because the Bauchi Airport manager failed to provide the air stairs needed to disembark and board passengers.

The airline explained that due to the absence of ground handling companies at the Bauchi airport, who were supposed to provide gangway equipment to disembark the passengers, it had to improvise.

Foon said this against the backdrop investigation into the use of unauthorized equipment by Aero Contractors Airlines charter flight to Bauchi Airport last weekend.

The Aero Contractors official told newsmen that; “On Thursday 17th November 2015, a charter was booked and confirmed from Abuja to Bauchi on a Boeing 737 -500 series aircraft. The charter was booked by a group of young people, part of a wedding party, attending this important event in Bauchi.”

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