Saturday, 19 December 2015

Emeka Ike is More Interested in Money than Running AGN, He Should Learn to Grow Up – Ibinabo

The tussle between Ibinabo Fiberesima and Emeka Ike over the leadership of the Actors Guild of Nigeria is still on.
Despite a court ruling which annulled Ibinabo’s election as president of the guild, the soft-spoken lady insists she is still the head of the association.
In a chat with Saturday Beats, Fiberesima stated that Emeka Ike did not contest any post in the association. She said, 

“I am still the president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria; I cannot leave until my tenure expires. People are just confused with all the lies going around town. Did anyone participate in the election where Emeka Ike contested? He did not contest for the post and if so, how did he emerge the president of the association? That is the only question I ask.
“It is the press that is granting him audience to talk and I wonder why. He did not run for any position in the AGN. The court judgement did not make him president of the association and we have gone to the court of appeal.”
The actress said she had made several attempts to talk with Ike but that he had not been forthcoming.
“We have tried talking to Emeka Ike in the past but he is not really concerned about running the affairs of the guild. All he is bothered about is how much he can make from poor people that want to join the guild. The N5, 000 they collect is what he is eyeing and that is what pays his salary and puts food on his table. I am so sorry but that is just how he is.
“This is not personal, Emeka Ike was my friend but he is not anymore. If he were my friend, he would not do all what he is doing, we all grow in life and he should learn to grow. There had always been chaos in AGN but since I assumed leadership of the guild, there has been peace. Now, they have come again with chaos. We need to think of our members for once and not ourselves. I am still the president of AGN,” she said.
The former beauty queen who got married last year told Saturday Beats that she had found joy in marriage. Subjected to backlash from Nigerians after posting a picture of her kid with make-up, Ibinabo said that she is unruffled about public opinion because it is not their child.
“Even though I am married, I am still in the ‘market’. I told my husband that I would always make sure that he turns his head whenever I pass. I have to look like a babe for my husband and I wear bum shorts and mini skirt for him both in the house and when we go out.
“Love has really changed me even though I am still learning. I am more accommodating now. I am enjoying every day of my marriage and I am grateful to God. Motherhood is wonderful, my kids are all grown up and we are more or less like siblings now. The day I applied make-up on one of my daughters and posted it on Facebook, we were celebrating her birthday. I was surprised at the backlash I got from the public because it is not their child. They should stop advising me on motherhood and face their own children if they have any,” she said.

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