Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Goal Setting is Key in Achieving Success But Knowing How to go About it, is Challenging for Some of Us - Odedele Oluwatosin

Setting the P for 2016!

Last week I found myself cockroach "hunting".I hate the sight of a cockroach and will abandon anything to get rid of it whenever I see any. So here I was running after this cockroach which had hidden between sticks. I set my target and waited for it to come out and kill but alas as it did another flew out from a different corner and by reflex i threw my weapon at the other one. In summary, I lost both targets as they survived the death scare!

In life, that is how some of us go about our goals and plans. After having our eyes on a certain goal waiting to achieve it, we get distracted by another ‘desirous’ goal that appears out of the blues. On the long run, we end up not achieving anything significant because we keep changing our focus per time.

Goal setting is key in achieving success in life but knowing how to go about it is where the challenge is for some of us. I have seen how goal setting has improved my life over the past five years and there are things I have learnt to use in achieving my set goals.

On the 28th and 29th of December, I am offering to help 10 people discover how to set realistic goals in key areas of their lives for 2016 and what they need to do to achieve each of the set goals in the New Year.

This class is free and is taking place on WhatsApp and it is intended for only people who are serious about seeing a remarkable growth in their personal development in 2016.

To join this class text “GOAL SETTING” with your full names to 07037928190 on or before Sunday 27th December 2015.

There is great joy in achieving set goals. It gives you confidence and keeps you positive. Only those who have been there can express the feeling.

How are you preparing for Christmas?

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