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My Visit to President Buhari Scriptural, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka - Also Said He Gave Mrs Buhari Bag of Bibles

The Spiritual Director of the Adora­tion Ministry, Enugu, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka has said his recent visit to President Muhammadu Buhari in Aso Rock, Abuja was scriptural.
Fr Mbaka had predicted before the presidential election early this year that Buhari would defeat former President Goodluck Jonathan which generated a lot of tension, including the threat to his life.
As the prophecy of the Adoration Min­istry director came to pass, Buhari’s wife recently visited him at the Adora­tion Ground where the fiery Catholic priest gave her a bag containing copies of the Holy Bible.
The visit of the president’s wife fol­lowed the visit of Mbaka to Aso Rock, during which he spoke with the presi­dent and which elicited different inter­pretations.

But Mbaka who spoke to Sunday Sun through his Personal Assistant and Me­dia Chief of the Adoration Ministry, Mr Maximus Ugwuoke, a lawyer, said the attacks on the spiritual director was un­called for as prophets of old like Mbaka had at one time or the other visited their leaders.
He also dismissed insinuations that the president’s wife rejected the bibles given to her by Fr Mbaka when she vis­ited him. Excerpts:
When President Buhari’s wife vis­ited Adoration Ministry the other time she came to Enugu for a pro­gramme, after the visit we heard that Fr Mbaka gave her Bibles and she rejected them. Is this true?
The truth is President Buhari’s wife vis­ited Fr Mbaka but what you heard that Fr Mbaka gave her Bibles and she rejected them was a lie from the pit of hell. Why should any right thinking person believe that? Is Mrs Buhari not the wife of the President who is a president of Christians and Moslems in this country? It was a rumour spread by those very people who had sold to us the campaign dummies and propaganda that President Buhari has an agenda of Islamizing Nigeria to water down the terrible blow dealt on the past administration by Fr Mbaka’s message of divine choice of Buhari to salvage the country from monumental corruption, in­security, unemployment and poverty that bedeviled the nation. The truth is that Fr Mbaka did not only give Mrs Buhari a Bible during her visit, he gave her a bag of Bibles which she received for herself and others that accompanied her with cheers. He also gave her cartons of Rapha Extra virgin anointing oil among other presents which she received with cheers and ap­preciation. Pictures taken at that occasion is there for anyone that cares to see.
That Fr Mbaka gave Mrs Buhari bibles and she rejected them was a cheap rumour which some political agents contrived to achieve two ends. First, to portray the first family as religious bigots just to instill and perpetuate an anachronism of hatred for them by Christians and secondly to scorn Fr Mbaka and his ministry for as­sociating with them. What people do not know is that Fr Mbaka loves everybody. He doesn’t discriminate. He is pragmati­cally and spiritually interdenominational and inter-religious.
Again, Fr Mbaka visited Presi­dent Buhari recently at Aso Rock and again there was this specula­tion that he requested for the visit and that the president settled him. Can you tell us how the visit came about and what transpired during the visit?
We read those speculations in the media. Many questioned why Fr Mbaka had to visit President Buhari. Those disparaging remarks were actuated by jealousy and chronic envy among Christians nowa­days. Fr Mbaka had faced even more sa­tanic blackmail and devilish character as­sassination than this. It didn’t start today as he had faced worse criticisms in the past. We tend to forget that the scriptures told us in Psalm 105:15 “Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm”
Is it a crime for a man of God to visit the President? Apart from being a priest and an anointed Prophet of God, is Fr Mbaka not a Nigerian? If yes, has he no right to enter our Aso Rock (the Presidential Villa).
For visiting Mr President has Fr Mbaka done what is unscriptural? In Exodus 5, did Mosses a prophet of God not visit Pharaoh in his seat of power in Egypt? Did Samuel not visit Saul in his seat of power in 1st Samuel 15? In 2nd Samuel 12, did Prophet Nathan not visit David in his seat of power? Did we not read about Elisha and Ahab in the scriptures, in 1st Kings 17? In Acts 10 did Peter the first pope of the Church not visit Cornelius in his house? Did we not read in the Bible that even Jesus himself left heaven and came to man on earth? Is it not the hall­mark of a real and humble anointed man of God to do what the biblical prophets did? We wonder why those whose in­sinuations of what transpired during the meeting between Fr Mbaka and Mr Pres­ident are poke nosing for. Did Fr Mbaka himself not answer their questions in the interview he granted the media dur­ing the visit when he stated that he had come to bless Nigerians and pray for their peace? This was aired on Channels, AIT and published in some newspapers. Those who say Fr Mbaka came to be settled by Mr President or that he came on Biafra agenda are on their own. Like I said, Fr Mbaka is not new to such accusations but one thing is clear, Fr Mbaka is not a Ghana-must- go-prophet. Even his accus­ers know this fact and that was why I said earlier that they make those speculations out of sheer envy and chronic jealousy.
Adoration people worldwide know who Fr Mbaka is in matters of morals and chastity and we are happy with him. He is such a man that practically lives a life of fasting and outpouring for the needy.
Nigerians are happy with him. We con­tinue to appeal to him not to leave Mr President to fall into the hands of hawks and vultures. We urge him not to mind the accusers and the critics but to keep pray­ing for Mr President as a product of his prophecy. His detractors are just looking for a way to ensure that President Buhari fails so that they would face Fr Mba­ka. We urge him to keep blessing Nigeria and Nigerians.
The youths are happy with him, so we urge him to keep speaking for them as well. We urge him never to keep quiet or succumb to the pressure of the unhealthy criticisms. The poor masses depend on his representation and so we implore him to remain the voice of the voiceless and hope of the hopeless.
We have observed that the presi­dency has established this link with Adoration Ministry, the wife of former President Jonathan was here and now Buhari’s wife, do you think the messages they took away from the Ministry as they vis­ited have in any way shaped their lives when they returned to Abuja?
Fr Mbaka is like the sower in the Par­able of Matthew 13. He sows the word of God in the lives of anyone that comes around him at the least opportunity. Dur­ing the visit of both the wife of former President Jonathan and now Buhari’s wife, he prayed for them and sowed that Word in their lives. How the word shapes their lives is left for them and their maker. It’s not for Fr Mbaka or us to assess them. Every sower of every seed discharges his duty by sowing the seed and watering it, how it grows and germinates are beyond his making and explanation.
Finally, what is the mood of the Adoration Ministry this Yuletide as the people expect your end of year message?
Your guess is as good as mine. Decem­ber 31st night is a date we all look for­ward to. It’s an annual ritual of the min­istry to receive the end year message and the message of God for the New Year at such period.
The Ministry just concluded its annual crusade that held from December 17th till December 20th.
The atmosphere is already charged with verifiable testimonies of people who re­ceived multifarious miracles during the three-day spiritual exercise. Such is usu­ally the kind of atmosphere that lingers in the ministry prior to December 31st night. One thing spectacular about the December 31st night message is that you can never predict what Fr Mbaka’s mes­sage at such nights would be but they would always come true in the end.
His message of December 31st night of last year is a case in point. That was not the first of its kind but it was the stick of its kind to quake the nation and gener­ate heated controversy. May be because it came during election year. So, come December 31st night, we just have to be there to receive the message and take it as it comes. One fact you must know is that Fr Mbaka cannot say what God did not tell him and will not hold back what God told him to say.The ministry is so much concerned about the comfort of the crowd that would come from all over the world for that programme as it’s usually the night the ministry witnesses the big­gest crowd of worshipers.

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