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The Society Have Created a World Where if a Women Has all the Degrees / Money and is Single, She's Still Not Accomplished - Adejoro Olumofin

This Dating plan does not apply to ladies who have been dating for more than 5 months or ladies who are 100% single and not searching. It is targeted at ladies who are at the innate stages of their relationships or just met a new guy and are willing to get something serious out of this new bridge or relationship.

The world is not yet ready for women to take control of their relationships or to take definitive actions towards the affairs of the heart or companionship I.e a woman can't just wakeup tomorrow and say " I'm getting married" , " my wedding is in June" , " I'm tired of being single". 

Societal structure, media, mental seeds, stereotypes, cognitive archetypes, negative reinforcements, family pressure have put women on the bench, sidelines, "spare tyres", backup battery towards taking control of their relationships therefore "she" has to wait for her man to step up, pass through a string of men to get to " the one" while hoping and praying despite the constant pressure of time which isn't friends to anyone.

The dreaded "wait" or lack of power in women to choose or have a constant variable stance as regarding their relationships has given men absolute power in dealing with women. Which makes some men carelessly arrogant because they know the power of proposing to a lady lies with them. An uncle of mine was bragging about his children and he said my son is accomplished I'm so proud of him, I'm proud of my daughter too and her Phd in Politics but she's still single. We ( the society) have created a world where if a women has all the degrees / money in the world and is single she's still not accomplished.

The DoktorMofin 6 months dating plan is a BOLD, RADICAL, FUTURISTIC, REBEL approach that gives women an opportunity or a "trying" chance to take control of their relationships, deeper insight of self awareness and also a glimpse into the mind of men.

(1) 1000% devotion : is this necessary ? 
(2) Sex : No for the first 60days 
(3) Religion : Take him to your Church/Mosque 
(4) Career : Bring something to the table 
(5) Self Worth make him realize without him Ur still the bomb

Sex : Studies have shown that men are majorly motivated by sex and money, and some parts of the brain are responsible for both pleasures when achieved eg pituitary gland, cerebellum etc 
Based on this theory / principle when you meet a new guy , sex should be taken of the table for 60days or more depending on how far you're willing to go. Be ahead of other ladies by building your relationship not just on sex but based on friendship, actual conversations and getting to know each other. Explain or enlighten him that sex isn't off totally but you'd just like to know him, make him laugh, allow him make you laugh. Talk, talk and talk for a change. Make him see you as a friend or a brother before a lover. That way the relationship will be more solid. He should work for getting you in bed with him , long for it, dream it, want it and make him appreciate it. 

(2) Religion : if you're a Lady and your man hasn't taken you to his house of worship or he hasn't been to yours then you might as well be single or be his sex buddy and either you or him aren't serious. Before the cinema, drinks, concert dates should be a church date. Guys who are not serious or who are just looking for one night stands will literally *run* away if you ask them to a church with you, you have nothing to lose by asking your new flame to your church or his church. This isn't just for show but a routine. Any guy who will follow you or add a church routine to his roster because of you should put in "the one" zone.

(3) Career : Beauty, IG followers, Filter, Ass/ Boob pics , Brazilian hair, Vacay pictures, designer bags may or will only get a guys attention but what will make him take you seriously or take you to him mom are your career goals, what can you do to compliment him? If he's out of a job for a year what can you do to support him? What ideas do you have for him or his business on your 2nd date? No guy will take you to his mom with beauty and no content or substance. " mommy meet my gf Sarah she has 20,000 followers?" , "dad meet my gf Amina she has 15 louboutins and 5 Chanel bags?" Substance and content differentiates you from other ladies. When you meet any guy you like, think of what you can do for his office , his brand that will empower him. At the end of the day if it works you'll be one enjoying the money anyways. 

(4) 1000% devotion ? : In a relationship Make yourself loyal, devoted, caring etc but also make him realize you have options even if there aren't any options. The idea that someone else wants you and is craving you will make him sit up. The moment a man realizes he is your Alfa / omega and u have no other options or fall backs then procrastination, disrespect, arrogance kicks in. 

(5) Self Worth : it's a cold dating World , in our quest for love and companionship we've all had our share of heartbreaks, emotional scars, trust issues but the difference is in our coping mechanisms. Why should the next man suffer for the sins of the previous man? It's easier said than done but be a blank slate again ( tabular rasa). Empower your body and mind to suit yourself in becoming better.

In Psychology nothing is 100%, there's always 1% left to Chance or Probability so there are no set rules, Manual, guidelines to life ; what works for Sarah may not work for Ada. Live life spontaneous and free. Have reasonable standards.


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