Friday, 1 January 2016

Beyoncé Has a Brother! Popular BEN TV Sports Broadcaster, Chris Obukwelu and Wife, Welcomes Their 2nd Child Named “Kanye”

The director of sports, BEN TV & Africa’s First Black Sports Channel in Europe (Sports Tonight), Chris Chinedu Obukwelu has scored a wonderful free kick which one assumes left the goal keeper motionless.

We can authoritatively reveal that in the early hours of Thursday 31st of December 2015; Tereza (Chris.’ Wife) gave birth to a bouncing baby boy in London.

Our reporter in London, who met up with Tereza’s Grandparents (Eva Vondrakova and Jan Vondrak) on their entrance to the hospital to catch their first climes of the new arrival stated it is indeed a happy moment especially as the New Year arrives.
“I have to say we are over the moon with the news, as you can see myself and husband can’t wait to see the baby; Families in Africa, Canada, America and Czech have gone online to buy Ticket to come over, we are surely the lucky ones, we are proud to say we saw the baby first”. It is indeed a good gift for the new year, Eva said.

Speaking to the ever humble broadcaster immediately after his digit was available to answer calls and receive text, Chris confirmed that the story was true and he gives God the praise; 
“the cry of baby and mother was heard and they both doing very well”.

When we quickly asked if the baby will turn out to be a super Eagles Player, Chris hurriedly but jokingly stated that he sees the baby becoming a striker, in his own word
“I think we should expect “Kanye” to be banging in goals week in, week out! (He laughed and continued), On a serious note, I will allow him make the decision on what tickles his fantasy, myself and my wife will only be here to guide”. Thanks to everyone for their kind message.  He added

It could be recalled that the ever smiling TV sports Broadcaster called First child, Beyoncé, we can reveal that “Kanye” is part of the name of the new bouncing baby boy.

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