Saturday, 23 January 2016

It's Not What Went into Your Ear that Defileth You, it's What Comes Out of You - Ali Baba

Many have lost people they need most on their lives journey because they spoke words that can not be taken back... It's okay to be angry. But don't let the anger overshadow the value of the person you are angry with. Sometimes the person may not even have value to you. Your anger is then kept in check by, "of what value will my anger amount to?" 

Let me bring this home by saying, when armed robbers attack you, much as you are angry at the fact that you are being robbed and no police in sight. Or worse still how come its you. This is no time to get angry. It's the perfect time to play safe. When your character and actions are in question, especially for something you had done to mess up a situation, your words should be carefully chosen... Or else the words would further bring your character to more scrutiny. 

In all, it's not what went into your ear that Defileth you, it's what comes out of you. Because what comes out of you in reaction to what you have heard can many times be mixed with error in judgment, emotional failings, jealousy, the need to get a pound of flesh aka revenge, disappointment and fear. These combination will always make your words come out wrong. And when they influence your thoughts they affect your talk. 

The phrase "after all said and done" should tell you that, once you have said it... The damage is done! What do I know SEF?

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