Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Man Expose His Girlfriend After Discovering She is Cheating on Him with His FATHER After Reading Their Racy Text Messages

A man has aired his dirty laundry online after allegedly catching his girlfriend cheating on him with his own father. The anonymous 4Chan user posted a picture of what he claims is a text exchange between the pair that he found on his dad's iPhone, before live-blogging his ordeal as it happened.

The messages contain explicit sex references and even a naked picture that the woman is believed to have sent after the pair slept together. In his original 4Chan post, he wrote: 'Just found out my girlfriend has been having sex with my Dad. He left his phone at the house while he's at work.

'All messages discussing how she's his "dirty little secret". Nudes and everything, what do I do? I'm broken.' He then shared a series of screen shots of the messages.

One, purportedly from the user's father, read: 'Alright gorgeous?' followed by a winking emoji face.

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