Sunday, 24 January 2016

No More Marriage for Me – Actor Solomon Akiyesi

Solomon Akiyesi is no doubt a popular actor but he became more popular when news made rounds that he allegedly wanted to marry a lady while still legally married to another.

To some, he is a serial divorcee and the news about him online does not do justice to the young man’s reputation. Many believe he has married at least four times.

But in an exclusive chat with Saturday Beats, the actor poured out his heart, stating that he has always been the victim in the two marriages he has had.

Akiyesi said, “I am not married and I am not prepared to get married again. Since my marriage broke down, I have decided to be alone instead of investing my love in any woman who would not appreciate me in the first place. If I have to get married at all, I would marry a white woman or a black woman with a white heart because they are the ones who appreciate love. I can no longer invest my love on people who do not appreciate it and still rub it on my face.

“I am not going to say that none of the women I was with appreciated me. Before we get into marriage, everything is nice and smooth because we are pretending and making each other believe what we are not. But when we get into marriage, then we see our true colour. Marriage is like an investment; when you put your money into a business, you would expect returns, and the returns of marriage are peace and rest of mind. If you are going into a marriage that would not guarantee you any of that, then it is better you do not venture into the marriage at all. All the pictures people saw on Facebook about me getting married were all location pictures.

“I have been into only two marriages that crashed and they all followed the same pattern and I am not prepared to go into that kind of pain any more. The only person that can pressure me to remarry is myself because I am the one who has been down that road before and I am the one preserving myself from going down that line. If you see me go into any marriage, then it means that I have fallen for my own pressure. No one can pressure me into getting married again. I am not saying that getting married is bad, it is wonderful if you get married to your best friend. Sometimes I feel very lonely and have no one to console me when things are down for me, no one says well done when things are going smoothly,” he said.

He told Saturday Beats that it was not time for him to open up the can of worms that led to the failure of his marriages. The actor was also quick to add that he loved and respected African women but the few bad eggs have spoilt the good ones.

Akiyesi hinted that his last marriage almost made him lose his dignity.

“It is not that black women are bad but to get married, one must be able to find a woman that would also be willing to sacrifice love too. It is not a one-sided thing. Find someone who is ready to love you the way you love them back. It is a beautiful thing to get married to such people but when you are the one doing the loving and the running around, then there is always a problem. The day you are not able to provide, there would always be a bigger problem. My fans should expect more of professionalism from me in my career; nobody should expect marriage because I am very happy alone. My previous marriage took a lot from me and it almost took away my dignity. I am not bothered with house chores, besides I am not a lazy man,” the actor said.

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