Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The Budget Cannot be Missing, it Cannot be Stolen, a Copy Can be Laid - Senate Leader

The Senate’s Majority Leader, Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume has dispelled reports that the 2016 budget proposal document had gone missing. In an interview, the Senate Leader, Ali Ndume said a budget cannot be missing.
''The budget cannot be missing. A copy can be laid, it is a symbolic copy, the budget will be in custody of both Chambers. It cannot be stolen, it cannot be missing. Once the budget is laid in the National Assembly, it has become the property of National Assembly,'' he said.

On the visit of the Senate President, Bukola, Saraki to President Muhammadu Buhari after the report of the missing budget, Ndume said: 

''Saraki's visit to Villa is for Senate to know the President's priority. We want to see how we can fast track the passage of the budget before the end of February. What is before the Senate is proposal, once the president signs it, it cannot be amended, we can turn the budget upside down, it cannot be missing”.

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