Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Word MAKE is a Process of Getting Something to Come to Life, But Your Future is Not in Your Hands If Your Plans are Dependent on Others - Ali Baba

Once in a while, just shut down everything and put your elbows on your knees, one palm over the other, chin on the palms, head bowed, get a hood if you can, and just let your imagination take a stroll through what you want, what you have, where you have been, who you have been and who you want to be. 

What are the 10 things that occupy your thoughts every time you shut down and reflect on your life? Those 10 things will tell you what you will become IF (choice) you set your mind to them. They must include what inspires, what challenges you, who loves you, who you love, where you what to be, where you are, who you are, your weaknesses, your areas of strengths and your beliefs. 

They do not all have to have the same intensity. You just have to determine what should drive and anchor you growth and success by yourself. The things that hold you back, threaten you, waste your time, disillusion you, add no value to your growth dynamics should not be part of that thought process. By the way, let me add, if all these things you finally brood about are dependent others, then your future is not in your hands. 

It's only thing that are in your control or you are in a position to MAKE happen that you can be sure of. If you have to depend completely on people to make your future happen, then you are a part of other people's plan. And if those people change plans, you may not be in the new plan. And it's when other people form the bedrock of your plans, say 60-70%, that leads to the kind of disappointment that makes you give up on life. But guess what? 

You can't force people to add you to their plans. Is it your plan? So today, if you have not sat down to reflect on those 10 things that can make you make it, you are surely sitting on a bicycle! You can attend 200 seminars. Pray "till thy kingdom come". You can play @patorankingfire's #nobodyweynofittomakeam till tomorrow... Nothing will happen. The word MAKE is a process of getting something to come to life. So you must be ready to make am. #happynewyear

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