Monday, 4 January 2016

Transgender Actress Trace Lysette Opens Up About How Beautiful Her Personal Evolution Has Been

Yesterday, Lysette took to social media to post the below photo with the caption:
The pic on the left is from 2001, and the one on the right is from 2015. I used to associate a lot of shame and unhappiness with the pic on the left. I saw it as my last attempt at being something I was not. But lately I've realized how beautiful the journey has been. I don't have shame when I look at my "boy" pictures anymore. 
Because to me gender is a spectrum, an evolution. And I know that inside that outer shell we are many things. That was my shell and it carried me through the first 21 yrs of my life. I honor that shell and this healthy body that is mine. I evolved to be the woman I am today and I never take my womanhood for granted because I went through hell and high water to attain it. 

I am so glad we are getting to a place where gender is not binary. Where the physical attributes correlated to a specific gender aren't as important. It wasn't that way for my generation. After several incidents on the NYC subway I remember my doctor telling androgynous me (with good intentions) that it would be easier to "pick one (gender) or the other." We were literally told by our peers to do whatever we had to do to achieve a certain ideal cis-normative look. 

Once I achieved that look I was met with daily catcalls and misogyny. I learned what it felt like to be sexualized and objectified to no end. I had achieved what I was "supposed to" and I assimilated to cis, heterosexual life, I "passed" and I compartmentalized, but I still wasn't happy. 

Thankfully I own all of my journey now, I walk in my truth and see the beauty in it, even the struggle, and I am finding my happy place. I hope the next generation of trans youth aren't met with all the expectations mine was. We've got to do the work so that we start seeing gender, sexuality and life in general as not just "this" or "that", but also everything beautiful in between. 
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