Wednesday, 24 February 2016

"A Legend is Made" - Richard Mofe Damijo Looking Dapper as T.I Nathan Celebrates Him

T.I NATHAN Celebrates RICHARD MOFE-DAMIJO. A legend isn't born, a legend is made.

Richard Mofe Damijo, prominent in his ways and action is being embossed in the very essence of what it is to be a legend, to be an inspiration, to have the power to create a revolution. RMD isn't just an actor or figure of respect. He represents something, a drive, a yearning within so many people.

Richard Mofe Damijo is the source of total expression. From his captivating movies to his amazing skill in being a husband, father and a grandfather, we have come to understand that RMD is an embodiment of total Inspiration, thriving as the man who is so revered from the west. He is different, charming, funny and real.

Here is Richard Mofe Damijo in his finest with T.I Nathan celebrating him with a photo set of images.
-Husband,Father and Grandfather 
Mofe-Damijo is married to Jumobi Adegbesan and he has five beautiful children and a Granddaughter. RMD is a great man and his values and morals are key stones in what he is today and what he has achieved.

As a husband, father and Grandfather RMD has carried us along his journey of greatness and with his family being a corner stone for him, he excels at being a complete man.

-Fashionable and Good-looking Man
Over the years RMD has proven to be a man with amazing style. His distinct taste in clothing and style is a Powerful tool in his total package as a legend.

RMD is a powerful style icon in Nigeria.
His style transcends everything about him, you could practically tell the kind of person he is through his taste in fashion.

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