Friday, 19 February 2016

#BuyNaijatoGrowTheNaira: But Our Ladies Who are Used to Hermes and Louis Vuitton Will Not Likely Buy Nnamdi Bags - Reuben Abati

"...It is good to buy Aba-made, but our ladies who are used to Hermes and Louis Vuitton are not likely to trade their designer bags for Nnamdi bags, except the latter can compete and become a global brand. It has been reported that many Nigerian goods sent for export are often rejected overseas, for such simple reasons as packaging or basic standards. 

No amount of patriotism can by-pass that. We have a Standards Organisation of Nigeria and an Export Promotion Council: what is the synergy between them and the various SMEs striving to break into the export market? The third lesson is that government must just make up its mind about this whole thing about the diversification of the Nigerian economy. 

It is not the responsibility of one government or administration; it is a process that should move Nigeria from being a democracy observing electoral commission rituals, into a developmental state. We were almost there under the military quite ironically, but then the military also lost it due to bad attitudes..." #BuyNaijatoGrowTheNaira

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