Wednesday, 3 February 2016

If You Come for Me, I’ll Sue You Because I Can Afford It! – Whitenicious Queen, Dencia's Epic Rant

I promised I wasn't gonna use the F word no more but Fuck it I'm mad.Been through life & back.Lost my brother Dec 17th,Dec 18th someone almost killed me in my house & then turned around & said I was suicidal lol ,I thought I wasn't gonna makeup even checked myself into a hospital,my brothers passing is still fresh in my heart been in my corner mourning & all then these floppers won't let me be.

NOTE 2 ALL YOU LOSERS COMING FOR ME YOU ARE GETTING SUED CUZ I CAN AFFORD THE LAWSUIT & I will crush u with Facts.Stop hating go build your own shit.Like I said been in America 9yrs & never hated on people who made it I only got inspired.Don't come for me or mine unless you have hard facts.whitenicious is 3yrs deep I let lupita slide because she never said anything that was damaging to my brand even though she wanted to but don't come at my sideways or make a movie using me cuz after your shit flops I'll sue u for what u don't have.Shit even the mofos who watched the movie getting sued,Infact if u even saw the trailer you getting sued. 

I love an respect my clients,a lot of black people in America buy Whitenicious, Infact over 50% of our clients are AA & they don't use it for what these Hester say they're using it for & they have amazing results but then you have these angry uglies who are just mad at life & my company pays taxes to the government that takes care of you smh man y'all ain't shit.

I mind my biz like no one else like u never see me starting shit with any1 ever cuz I have a career & biz to run but I constantly get attacked but you all need to know I am not the 1 to play with,I might be small & young but this mouth & brain old AF.All love to people who love and support me God will bless you all a abundantly #7AMRant #StopPhotoshoppingMypicturesToMakeMeLookBad #ThisVideoMadeMeMadLol #IForgotAboutIt #IDidntSleepSoIDidntWakeUpAngry

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