Monday, 22 February 2016

Morning Inspiration: Don't Make Other People's Accomplishment a Yard Stick to Measure Yours - Charly Boy

Just know that someone somewhere would gladly substitute his or her life for 1/10 of yours. The problem is,we constantly make other people's accomplishment a yard stick to measure ours there by creating a bitter competition within ourselves and when these means fail,depression and jealousy sets in.

We always grumble of not having enough, have you ever thought of the ones who hadn't any? That your supposedly miserable life is a huge luxury life to some.

Youths are wailing with depressing about how they haven't made the papers but forget to know that many billionaires are asking for their money to be taken in exchange to good and sound health.

Don't be filled with ingratitude, Double your hustle and leave the rest to baba GOD oh. Have a great new week my guys.

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