Friday, 5 February 2016

Photo: Female Lawyer Who Stabbed Her Husband to Death Oyo State Over a Love Child Claim Self Defence

The Oyo State Police Command has arrested Yewande Fatoki Oyediran, the female lawyer accused of stabbing her France based husband, Lowo Oyediran, to death because he told her he has a love child with another woman.

According to the police, Yewande who is a lawyer with the Oyo State Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP), at the Ministry of Justice, and the daughter of an Anglican venerable in Ibadan, was taken by the police to the couple's Akubo Estate in the town as part of their investigation.

A source who was at the scene, said when Yewande was taken to the house, she did not show any remorse as she told the police she stabbed her husband in self defence after he had beaten her and inflicted injuries on her.

The source however, said there were no signs of injuries on her body.

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