Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Val's Deeper meaning is Not About Singling Out Romantic Love as the Focus - Charly Boy

The legend of St Valentine is a tale of true love that transcends mere sentiment, it is certainly not about putting your lover on a looooong thing, or writing shopping list. Its noble purpose should inspire everyone in this new time of religious persecution, wahala all over the world to be equally vigilant and heroic in upholding and defending the traditional definition of marriage now under decay. 

Let St Valentine be our model and inspiration for life and humanity

Valentines Day is a great opportunity for us to broaden our understanding of love and its power. It is not about singling out romantic love as the focus. There is a deeper meaning.

Love is multifaceted. It is more than emotion. Love is a force that can motivate, create, heal, and transform the lives of anyone it touches. Under the pressure of commercialism, most of us have forgotten that this holiday was created to recognize a saint.

Are you a learner?

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