Saturday, 6 February 2016

You Maybe a Really Good Person Deep Down Inside, But I Don't Carry Around a Shovel, Relating with You Should Not be Digging Deep - Ali Baba

I Read this 3 times. It is what comes out of you that We will relate with. When you say things we hear them. Because they were consequences of your thought now given life. When you send a text message, We take it that that is you talking. We are not going to start digging into how horrible you were feeling when you sent what you sent. 

The way you act or what you do, helps to shape our reactions. And if you have done that same thing several times before, then it becomes clear to us that that is you. Apologies don't count. YOU MAY BE A REALLY GOOD PERSON. But until you show it, We will keep relating with who you have shown to us. 

One book of wisdom said, out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks. If you want to go to KANO, and you are asking how much it is to get to Enugu and We react to your Enugu question, don't come back and tell anyone, you know I actually meant KANO. You didn't ask about KANO. 

That's how we got it and reacted accordingly. When you are bitter or in pain, or angry about anything, trust me, you will say things you don't like. You have a right to be upset, but you also must know that someone will hear what you utter in anger and react to them. EVEN WHEN YOU ARE CALM THE WORDS WILL STILL BE HOT. 

People do not remember the good things HULK did when he was green. The best he always gets is Thanks. But those things he broke remain broken when he turns WHITE... AND WOULD Need to be fixed. That IS why people remember them. His green actions leave a mess. 

But back to the post, relating with you should not be digging deep... You be bible? Let your true person show or else the person coming through your action and utterances would be the one we know. SHAKESPEARE said there is no art that can make you see what people think on their foreheads. What do I know SEF?

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