Tuesday, 22 March 2016

45-Year-Old Blind Man Seeks Dissolution of 20-Year-Old Marriage Over Threat to Life, Battery

A 45-year-old blind man, Rahman Folami, on Tuesday in Lagos, pleaded with an Agege Customary Court to dissolve his 20-year-old marriage with his wife, Kudirat, over alleged threat to his life and battery.

Folami, a resident of No. 37, Ogunjebe St., Papa Ashafa, Agege, Lagos, claimed that there was no more love between him and his wife.

The petitioner also alleged that the wife planned to kill him. He added that his wife had been peddling lies against him and had refused to assist him financially in the upkeep of the house.

``Before l lost my job in 2008, l usually buy foodstuff and other provisions in the house but when l lost my job, l asked her to be helping me in any way she could which she did until 2013.

``However, my wife suddenly changed and became reluctant and I had to borrow money to support the family due to my health challenge.''

Folami also told the court that whenever they had a fight, his wife beats him up.

He begged the court to separate them, saying ``I don't want to die now as my wife always threaten to kill me.''

Responding, Kudirat, 41, a cleaner, said her husband was irresponsible, a drunkard, a smoker and a gambler.

She said ``my husband accuses me of starving him of sex so he fornicates a lot by bringing home older women.

``He is also fond of fighting and cursing me all the time to the extent that l developed blood pressure," she said.

The respondent, a mother of four, also alleged that the petitioner fought with co-tenants and landlord that they had to be served with a quit notice.

She also begged the court to dissolve the marriage, saying she was also fed up with it.

The court President, Mr Phillip Williams, then invited the couple into the inner court chamber for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and did not fix a date
for further hearing into the matter. 


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