Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Biafra will Eventually Prevail Because in Buhari's Nigeria There is a Well-Orchestrated Attempt to Islamise Our Country - Femi Fani Kayode

100 years ago yesterday, on what is known as the Easter Rising Day, the Republic of Ireland began their struggle for independence from Great Britain when a handful of brave men went to the centre of Dublin, raised the new Irish flag and openly declared the establishment of the Irish Republic.

The rebellion was crushed but it signaled the beginning of a prolonged armed struggle.

During the course of that struggle approxomately 500 Irish men, women and children were killed by the British occupation forces over the years but eventually the Republic of Ireland won their freedom and became an independent sovereign state.

Yesterday the Irish Government and people celebrated the Easter Rising Day with great pride, joy, pomp and style  and the celebrations were attended by delegations from the Basque separatist movement and officials of the Catallan regional government of Spain.

Both of these courageous political  movements have been attempting to exercise their right of self-detrrmination, break off from Spain and establish their own independent nations for many years and as each year passes they are getting closer to achieving their objective.

Those that believe in the right of self-detrrmination of the ethnic nationalities in Nigeria and particulatly those that are fighting for the creation of the sovereign state of Biafra have so much to learn from the history and struggles of the people of Ireland.

They suffered immeasurably under British occupation for hundreds of years and literally millions of them were enslaved and killed over that period of time.

Yet in the end they managed to break the yoke, secure their liberation and triumph over the cruel subjugation and tyranny of British rule.

It is my belief that by God's grace those thay are being oppressed, butchered and murdered by the Nigerian state today in an attempt to forcefully keep our country one and those that wish to break off to form their own country on the basis of the principle of self-determination shall also eventually prevail.

Nigeria is not working and everyone knows it. And as long as those that hold power at the center today are there things will not get any better.

In fact as long as they are there things will get worse. In Buhari's Nigeria if you are not from the core north and if you are not a Muslim you do not have much hope of getting to the top or achieving your full potentials.

That is "change" for you and that is Buhari's mission and vision. We said it during the Presidential campaign but no-one would listen. Now they are regretting it and they are saying that we were right.

In Buhari's Nigeria it is one law for the oppressed and another for the ''Born to Rule" oppressor. Whether we wish to admit it or not that is the reality and everyone knows it.

There is also a well-orchestrated attempt to islamise our country and supress the practice of christianity in parts of the country.

Yet the truth is that everything has its expiry date including religious bigotry, bondage and slavery. The future belongs to the oppressed.

The Irish experience and the beautiful people of Eire and the Emerald Isle have taught us that. Far away English London was once their capital yet today it is Irish Dublin. If God can do it for them He can do it for us too. It is just a matter of time.

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