Friday, 4 March 2016

"I Asked God Why the Pain and the Dark Period But I Realise that He Corrects Those He Loves" - Toke Makinwa Preaches

I asked God why he let me go thru the dark period, why the hurt? Why the pain? You say you love me lord but why did that happen? It took me so long to realize that those he loves he corrects. Not to ruin them but to build them so that thru that circumstance, his full glory is revealed. 

If you are questioning God today (let's not even do that spiritual superiority stuff cos we've all been there) let your heart be still. Trust that there is good even in that situation. He doesn't always change the situation, he changes our hearts. 

It is such a beautiful process if you let God lead you. I'm not a preacher ooooo, I'm someone experiencing the peace that only God can give and it's not without challenges, it is standing tall, unperturbed even in that storm. 💪

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