Friday, 11 March 2016

Ocholi Considered Seat Belt Too Much of an Effort to Tie Himself Down in the Back Seat and this Caused His Death - Reuben Abati

The point about seat belt deserves to be properly underlined. Following the accidents under reference, there has been much talk about the importance of seat belts. According to the FRSC, “the ejection of the minister and his son, who occupied the rear seat, confirmed the fact that their rear seat belts were not in use and on the contrary, the driver and the orderly survived because the front seat belts were in use”. 

It is sad that many big men don’t worry about using seat belts. It is considered too much of an effort for a man to own a vehicle, or be big enough to be driven by another, only for him to tie himself down in the back seat. The widespread assumption is that the space called owner’s corner is meant for sprawling; it is regarded as a place of comfort from where the master backs orders at the assistants in the front seat! 

This owner’s corner syndrome has caused the death of many “big men and women”, there must be a vigorous campaign launched at all levels by the FRSC, civil society groups and other agencies to remind everyone that it is better to be a big man or woman alive than to ignore a simple safety task and lose one’s life. The FRSC is threatening to prosecute late Minister Ocholi’s driver as soon as he is discharged from the hospital. 

But the FRSC must see in this experience, further justification for it to be more vigilant and assertive with its vehicle accident prevention strategies. It must launch a fresh and vigorous campaign against reckless driving, set clear speed limits, acquire the relevant technology to determine the abuse of those limits and raise its organizational capacity to prevent motorists from willfully committing suicide or killing others, by apprehending the reckless and enforcing the relevant laws. This should include descending heavily on persons who use the phone while driving..."

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