Friday, 29 April 2016

Bayelsa State Tops the List of States Owing Salaries After CBN Doled out Billions for States to Pay Workers Salary Arrears

The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN gave 19 of the 36 states of the federation funds to pay workers’ salary in the bailout package to enable the affected states to pay the backlog of workers’ salary arrears.

However, these funds are being diverted to personal bank account and Bayelsa State tops the list of states owing salaries. The states that benefited from the funds, which the NLC said it would monitor include:

Abia (N14.152bn)

Adamawa( N2.378bn)

Bauchi (N8.60bn)

Bayelsa (N12.85bn)



Cross River(N7.856bn)

Delta( N10.036bn)



Ekiti (N9.604bn)

Enugu (N4.207bn)

Gombe (N16.459bn)

Imo (N26.806bn)

Kastina (N3.304bn)

Kebbi (N0.690bn)

Kogi (N50.842bn)

Kwara (N4.320bn)

Nasarawa (N8.317bn)

Niger (N4.306bn)

Ogun (N20.00bn)

Ondo (N14.686bn)


Oyo( N26.606bn )

Plateau (N5.357bn)

Sokoto (N10.093bn)

Zamfara (N10.02bn)

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