Sunday, 10 April 2016

How I Overcame Sexual Harassment in the Entertainment Industry - Tiwa Savage

36 year-old Mavin Records First Lady, Tiwa Savage opened up on tales of men asking for sex from female artistes before giving them any form of assistance. This much the singer revealed to Entertainer.

Recounting her experience, Tiwa Savage said: “A lot of times they said that they wanted to help me but actu­ally they wanted me to do ‘something’ with them. Luckily I had a crazy boyfriend who ended up being my husband. He just shot them down.

“If you are really talented and good at what you do and you have God behind you, don’t give in to that kind of temp­tation. I guarantee you that your talent will make a way for you. The same people will be the ones calling and you will even get more than you ever imagined if you don’t give in.”

Commenting on her relationship with her fans, Tiwa Sav­age said she has never had a situation where a fan publicly embarrassed her: “Nobody has physically done anything harmful to me. Even when people say bad things about me, my songs, my husband or my marriage, I don’t think I have to take it personal. Of course, I am human,” the singer con­cluded.

Leveraging on social media

On how to maximise the benefits of social media she had this to say:”Social media is extremely fantastic for us artistes. It makes you closer to your audience. It has become a great source of revenue for artistes. Some companies want you to endorse their products and they call you. I have over a million followers on Twitter and the same goes for Insta­gram. With YouTube, you get paid for views but it all boils down to building your brand.

“I am not the only talented singer that gets on stage to dance and do all the routines but when you build your brand, it makes you stand out. It is not every day that you will have a hit song but the day you don’t have one, your brand will sustain you.”

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