Friday, 8 April 2016

Who Am I to Tell You if Being Gay is Right or wrong? Don't Push Gay People to Their Grave because They Act Differently - Charly Boy

After different newspapers had published stories that he is gay, controversial musician Charly Boy is speaking out in support for the gay society. Here is what he shared on his Facebook page today:
Who am I to tell you if being gay is right or wrong? Who am I to say if its a choice, decision or some sickness? When I am just human, just Charles E. Oputa who sins everyday and comes short of the Glory of God times without number. Who am I to be the first to throw stones at God's own creation? Am I he who is without sin??

"Love is patient, love is kind" Love and tolerance is all I preach. We have our personal crises, human or spiritual, but shall we all join hands to push others to the grave simply because they  look or act differently??

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