Tuesday, 24 May 2016

38 Years Seems Like Forever in Comparison to the Life Span of the Average Celebrity Marriage, How Have You Managed - Lady Di Writes

".I have been able to manage very well because of the man I got married to. Charles is a strong family man, a decent gentleman who puts his family first before anything else. He has been a wonderful husband, a good father and a wonderful son to his parents. 

Charles is the husband every woman dreams about. He is sensitive, he listens, the first to apologise if he is wrong. I love his never say die spirit. I think we were ordained by God to marry each other because we both want the same thing, we are both committed to our marriage. 

Like they say, it takes two to tango. However our marriage has not been a bed of roses, we have our issues and challenges, but because we are best of friends, because we are loyal to our commitment we always resolve whatever issue that comes up, to move forward. We don't have a perfect marriage, no such thing in this world, but we have a friendship that has endured through time. 

It has been a long journey and we have had ups and downs within the 38years that we have been together. But we are happy together. A lot of couples haven't got that far-we are really privileged. I thank God". 

Lady Di.

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