Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Heartbreaking! Late President Yar’Adua’s Wives are Not Happy Because Nigerians Seem to have Forgotten Him

Two wives of late president Yar’Adua accused Nigerians of forgetting the late former president. They said only family members attended the special prayers to mark the anniversary of his death. Their hearts reportedly bleed as six years after beloved husband died after a protracted ailment, Nigerians seem to have forgotten him.

Though two women in his life mark the sixth anniversary of their husband’s death, they wonder if memories of Yar’Adua and his legacies as a ex-president and governor of Katsina state have scoured with the passage of time.

Sources close to Hajia Turai disclosed that it was grievous for her to note that memories of her beloved have washed-out from the hearts of even his trusted assistants and political associates while he was head of state. It was even more sorrowful to note that no newspaper or broadcast station remembered the milestone in the life of the Yar’Aduas.

There was no paid advertorial in memorial of the former Nigerian leader who was widely regarded as a gentleman and honest statesman.

Only the immediate family members of the late president who died on May 5, 2010, attended special prayers to mark the sixth anniversary of his demise in London. The family source said they were led by Yar’Adua’s widow, Hajiya Turai and offered special prayers for the rest of the former Nigerian leader’s soul.

Source: Thisday 
May his soul rest in peace 🙏🙏

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