Thursday, 26 May 2016

"I’m Not Lacking Any Money, I Love the Business" - Banker Turned Puff Puff Seller Speaks His Journey So Far

After Omotade Johnson ( pictured in white ) lost his banking job in 2009, he resolved never to apply for any paid job again. He then relocated to Lagos and he is now making ends meet by frying and selling puff puff at Igando bus stop, Lagos, together with his partner Omotade. .

In an interview with ThisDay reporter Peter Uzoho, the graduate of Mass Communication said: “Formerly, I worked with Intercontinental Bank Plc. That happened shortly; I lost the job when the bank got liquidated and everything went flat.

But, as a man, you have to work and I can’t see anything I can’t do. So that was why I joined the new trend. The business has been on for the past 11 years but I met it in 2012, when I came to Lagos. I never went to school for it, I learnt it from my friends who were professionals in the business.

Although, some of them were younger than me in age then, but that never mattered to me, because all I wanted was for them to teach me how to fry and all other things involved, which they obliged. So, since I joined, the business has been good; I don’t have anything to regret.

I’m not lacking any money. I love the business. It’s quite a profitable one. Of course, if it’s not, this my team you see working here wouldn’t have been here. Because you can’t just wake up early in the morning, stay here till night without going home with something that is worth the time and you continue working."


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