Monday, 9 May 2016

Meet 45-Year-Old Rich Piana, a Bodybuilder Who Looks Like the Hulk and Admits Taking Steroids Since He was a Teenager

Rich Piana eats ten meals per day and proudly shows off his utterly insane body which comes with a price-tag in the form of decades of steroid use in doses so extreme other bodybuilders have filmed hours of YouTube footage to begging him to stop.

While the risks of steroid use are not lost on Piana, who frequently discusses them on his own YouTube channel, he insists he's happy with his life and the path he chose.

Born the son of a body-building mother in Los Angeles, California, Piana got introduced to the world of weightlifting aged just 11 after going to the gym to watch her train pre-competition.

Piana began weightlifting shortly afterwards, competing for the first time aged 15, where he failed and turned to steroids, which he's used on an off for 27 years, even posting Instagram images of the drug-taking schedules he compiled for himself.

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