Thursday, 26 May 2016

Nollywood Actor Tony Umez Celebrates His Wife, Patsy Ogochukwu's Birthday and 17 Years of Marriage

This is the story of how they met: "I got married in 1999 after dating for 5 years. I met my wife on set. Our church was to do a programme and I was invited to feature in the film. My friend, who was supposed to play the lead role, did not come regularly I took the script and read it. I told them I would do no other role except the lead and they said it was okay. 

The day I went was the day my wife came too and she played my wife in the movie. It got to a point that the movie got stagnated, but it eventually came out as Karanja. She played Mrs. Pascal and I was Mr. Pascal.

When I first saw her, she threw me off my feet with her comportment. When you see her, everything is calculated: measured gait and other positive features of a confident person. At that time I said there was no way she would not be hooked to someone. However, I realised, through my friend, Tunde Yesufu, who is now a pastor in Uganda, that she liked me. There was a day I didn’t turn up for rehearsals and she asked after me from my friend. My friend said again that the lady liked me. I said that since I have been eyeing her, I would approach her. I told her I wanted her to be mine, she said we could be friends. I told her that was not what I wanted. We eventually started dating on December 4, 1994."

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