Monday, 30 May 2016

Nollywood Actor/Director Ernest Obi Shares Beautiful Photos to Celebrate His Wife, Evi's Birthday and Their 6th Wedding Anniversary

HBD.... my Precious Princess of D Niger Delta... @eviernestobi. What words do you use in describing the best thing God gave you? None. For words to tell this beautiful story of my beautifully crafted,loving,large hearted,better half of mine, do not exist. HAPPY BIRTHDAY wife of Mine. 

And a Glorious WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to Us. It's not been a bed of roses, for the thorns are true and real. But here we still are. Survivors. God bless You MywifefriendloverMyall. And trudge on through charted and uncharted paths in marriage we shall. Never in despair. Never Alone. 

Hearts intertwined by d creator himself. Spirit unshakable. Love for each other, unquenchable... HAPPY BIRTHDAY and a Fruitful WEDDING ANNIVERSARY #mylovemylife

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