Thursday, 9 June 2016

Actress Oge Okoye Looks Stunning on the Cover of Cosmic Ray Magazine's New Edition

Nollywood actress, Oge Okoye looking gorgeous on the cover of Cosmic Ray magazine’s new issue and spoke on several issues. Read below...

There have been so many criticisms against you. How do you cope with them?

This is what I’ve signed myself into in life. I should be able to take whatever it brings: the ups and downs. Criticisms sometimes go a long way to make someone better. We all make mistakes. We learn every day. I’m not a monopoly of knowledge.

Have you at any time regretted being who you are?

Some criticisms can make you, and some can break you: breaking you in the sense that, it could give you depression, if you cannot handle it. And that’s why if you are in this business, you have to be thick-skinned. You can’t be chicken-livered in this business. Hell no! Just do what you have to do. Do the best you can, and leave the rest to God.

How do treat unwanted advances from the opposite sex?

{Laughs} Honestly, sometimes you are over friendly and next thing you flip because they don’t just want to get it. You try to make them understand, but they push you to the wall. And when I flip, they say; “oh, she’s rude. Oh, she’s a snob.” I just have to deal with it maturely. Be friendly, but don’t overstep your bounds.

Sometime ago, due to the constant bashings from the public, your publicist said you have developed hypertension. How true is that?

{Laughs out loud} I swear to God, that’s the dumbest thing to everade say. When I saw it, I was like; “are you kidding me? Hyper what?” Perhaps she didn’t use the right word. What kind of hypertension at this my little young age? Hell no! She was misunderstood by the media, because she said that wasn’t what she meant. She felt the bugging was much and she just wanted to like; “Get off her back!” You know how the Nigerian press turns stories upside down to suit their taste.

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