Saturday, 11 June 2016

I'm Not Against Formal Education But University Education is Optional, and Not a Prerequisite for Success - Daddy Freeze Writes

I'm not against formal education but the unfounded belief that success depends on it, is what I stand against~ FRZ

I have been copied in the above picture circulating the social media networks at least 200 times and it's high time I addressed it!

The picture claims that Mark Zucherberg and Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard and that a Harvard dropout is equal to a UNIBEN PHD. There is no greater folly than believing this foolishness.

Enzo Ferrari grew up with little formal education. He came from a poor village called Modena in Italy in post war Europe. That didn't stop him from becoming an ENGINEER! Yes a racer and Engineer; He built the Ferrari brand without much formal education.

Have you heard about the wright brothers? Well, they never graduated high school and went on to invent the airplane from which I am typing this story.

I look above me and push a button to call an air hostess for a refill and a little bulb lights up.... Oh yes, that too was invented by another drop-out called Thomas Edison, who only went to high school (Secondary School) for 3 months before dropping out.

Mariah Carey's voice came through the speaker singing 'last night a DJ saved my life' and once again I remembered that not only was Mariah a high school dropout, the song was released on VIRGIN records owned by Richard Branson, a billionaire who left school at 16.

I was picked up from the airport in a Nissan patrol and my mind reflected to when the company was still named Datsun and a 25 year old Nigerian named Arisekola Alao, who made his first million at 19 from being one of the biggest distributors of the pesticide Gamalin20, was Datsuns biggest distributor in Nigeria, all without formal education.

In my opinion, everyone needs formal education up until they finish high school. However, university education is optional, and not a prerequisite for success ~FRZ

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