Friday, 10 June 2016

Nigerians are Two Faced People: They Woke Up One Morning to Call Tiwa Savage all Sorts of Names, Then Changed Within 24 Hours - Emma Ugolee

Nigerians woke up one morning with one voice to call singer Tiwa Savage all sorts of names from loose, to irresponsible and insensitive. Thanks to her hubby's suicude note. 

She responds in about 24 hours and the very same crowd relieved her instantly of the burden of those unkind names and immediately transfered ownership, heaping them all on her hubby but this time with some extra toppings like "drug addict and debtor." Then word comes out that a test said he was clear of drug abuse and had no place to lay his head and then again sentiments started moving back in his favor.

Reminds you of how the nation celebrates a national coach for winning the nation's cup on Friday morning and asked for his head and an immediate sack for loosing a qualifier match by Friday afternoon.

Please do remember the following if you are currently finding it hard to find the appropriate size of a hat for your ever expanding head as a result of inflation from public admiration. 
*The ease and speed with which the public shifts the goal post is legendary. 
*The public has no permanent HERO jersey for anyone 
*Amnesia is the no1 public ailment once you fall off the radar 
*The public is renowned for how difficult she is to please 
*Public opinion is fueled mostly by sensationalism and not facts. *Accurate information is clearly rarely a prerequisite for public judgment 
*Ignorance is a regular companion of human judgment 
*The log in the eyes of man is never in the way of clear sight that sees the spec in that of he who is being judged 
*Total strangers with little or no knowledge of you can assume the role of a judge against you at anytime 
*The public while a 100% sure that the premise for their verdict on you backed by undeniable logic, in reality, can 150% away from the truth 
*Getting mad at the average person for his opinion of you shows an equal level of immaturity. 
* The public is not a fan of the bigger picture so the pieces do not have to be all assembled in time for the people's court ruling. 

So u see why it is impossible to be happy if public opinion of u determines the opinion of self?

I know public acknowledgment brings its own dizzying high, be you a local champion at work, your place of worship, career, family, a national or an international superstar.

Its an awesome feeling to wake up to, knowing that you are “THE MAN” in the eyes of the public.

The disaster that accompanies this high however is the tendency to let your personal self-evaluation and esteem feed on the opinion of the hailing public.

Stick with the reliable. Love & respect for SELF, regardless of how the masses feel

When that is the law you live by then low times don’t have to mean low self esteem - Emma Ugolee.

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