Monday, 20 June 2016

Rev. Father Mbaka’s Priesthood is Questionable for Fighting Transfer Because a Priest Should be Ready to Go Anywhere - Cardinal Okogie

LAST Thursday, Anthony Cardinal Olubunmi  Okogie, celebrated his 80th birthday with a Holy Mass at the Holy Cross Cathedral, Lagos, in an interview with Vanguard said Father Mbaka's claim to priesthood is questionable if he feared death.

On Rev. Father Mbaka’s claim that those who transferred him wanted  him dead

As a priest I was shocked when I heard that from his mouth. Nobody will take your life if God did not sanction it. That he was wanted dead, who told him that? Were assassins sent  after him or he was only imagining it or he saw it in a vision as he always says he always sees visions? These are highly contestable and as a priest what will he say about death? Why must he fear about death? 

And that he was not happy about the transfer, why is he a priest? A priest should be ready to go anywhere. I was in the war front two years after my ordination as a priest. If he was not happy about his transfer, then there is something wrong about his priesthood. His priesthood should come to question.

On some Catholic priests joining pro-Biafra agitation? 

Why should I not be happy? They are free. The problem with our government is that they fear unnecessarily. What has that boy (Kanu) done? Why can’t they sit back and think of how they can resolve the issue amicably and without involving soldiers here and there. Government should live up to their responsibilities to the masses. This present administration should revisit their inaugural speech and start afresh because they have not done anything at all.

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