Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Some People will Call You Stingy for Not Assisting Them Even When Their Pastor Would Rather Drive a Rolls Royce than Buy Exam Forms for Them - Ali Baba Writes

The way some people are ok with a guy becoming a woman & a woman becoming a man is doing my head in. The same people who see nothing wrong with a man being with a man, will criminalize you for wearing colors considered feminine. The same person whose pastor would rather drive a Rolls Royce than buy Exam forms for youths in his church, will call you stingy for not assisting him. 

Same ones who say it's not ok to prosecute people who stole government funds, will be asking why the country is not getting better. There is a saying in an Arsenal club I used to play football wit, "What is not good, is very very bad". I went to see a man once & greeted him "good afternoon sir", the man no gree ooo. He said as an Urhobo boy I should greet him well. 

For the life of me, I didn't know he was Urhobo. So I did the needful "Mehingwe". He gleefully accepted it. Vrendo!! An hour or so later, a young man walks in, nods at me and goes to him. He gave him a car key & told him to be back in 3 hours. "But dad!! The party is till midnight." The father added one more hour. 

Just as he was about to to go, I called him, "young man how are you?". I'm cool, he said. If only he knew where I was going. He won't be cool. "What's your name?" The father answered on his behalf. "That's my son Ufuoma". I turned to him. "Eyaaaaaa, I didn't know... So you are an Urhobo boy, and you came in and to greet person with English hard you Abi? Not to even talk of To butu." The father came to his rescue. "Ali no mind them. That's how they all are. He was born in England and only comes home once a year". I felt like collecting my Mehingwe back. 

Let me explain, the day I saw Dede Mabiaku at the National Theatre, he was in the company of NOBERT Young & JAHMAN Anikulapo. I greeted Norbert, Mehingwe and greeted Dede and JAHMAN, good afternoon sir. The konk from DEDE had no part 2. "You no be Urhobo boy? Na hin you dey greet me good afternoon? You no sabi butu?" I gave him his full compliments. And he is Itsekiri. 

Can you imagine me greeting @mofedamijo good afternoon Brossss? The konk go dey in 3D. But wait o! May be he won't mind. I go try am one day. Naa. Just this one wey I say I go try am, I fit get konk

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